3 Little Steps to Help You Look fabulous on a budget


For many who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, spending many on clothes and fashion accessories is last on their list. However, they still want to look fabulous. So then, how do you look like a million bucks without a millionaire budget?

1. Black is the new black

Wear all black because black is always chic and doesn’t give away the type of fabric you have. It doesn’t necessarily show that you have on a cheaper fabric. An all-black outfit is classy, put together and chic.

2. Fresh and clean

A simple steaming or ironing can make the cheapest outfit look expensive. Make sure you look clean and neat when you step out.

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3. Details! Details!

Highlight your outfit with some exciting accessories. A beautiful statement necklace can take an outfit from simple to fabulous. Try a classic watch, some vibrant earrings, or rings to complete your look.


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